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We are among the highly recommended gym in Trivandrum for Celebrities, Athletes, Bodybuilders, and Fitness enthusiasts. Jinto Body Craft  helps to achieve individual potential of Fitness enthusiasts.

Why Choose best gym?

Jinto Body Craft is the best fitness centre in Trivandrum. This fitness centre gives you the opportunity to discover yourself in a new shape and offers you a scientific approach to achieve fitness. They not only train your body but also train your mind. We offers well equipped fitness training for who concerned about their health and fitness in Trivandrum city. Jinto Body Craft Fitness Center introducing our main lady trainer, who is Common Wealth Game Medalist, also she achieved national level recognitions many times. Its a promise to all the ladies who are struggling with health issues like various hormonal imbalance weight gain / loss (Especially PCOD), Thyroid related weight gain / loss. We are here in Trivandrum to take care off you. We are one of the best gym in trivandrum.

Why we the best fitness centre?

At Jinto Body Craft, we believe real fitness is about strengthening and conditioning your body and mind.Our gym has designed with a lot of thought and care. Our gym has spacious, well structured, and properly organized. It can accommodate a lot of users and various types of exercises at the same time .

Whether you’re new to fitness or an accomplished athlete, our coaches are highly trained and certified to help you set goals. They teach proper form to prevent injury and design training programs. Here, you’ll never feel lost, alone or confused about what exercises to do or how to do them.

At 2021 we also started Karate, Zumba and Boxing classes

Our Branches are also in Kochi, Kerala.


The Man Behind The Bodies - Mr. Jinto

Jinto Body Craft - The Best Gym and Fitness Centre in Trivandrum, established by Jinto with the aim of providing personal fitness solutions to all fitness enthusiast people.

A very popular celebrity fitness trainer and a successful fitness professional of the new era. He has set his own landmarks as an International Bodybuilder, Model, Trainer, Personal trainer for celebrities and IPS level officers. His passion for fitness has set bench mark in the growth of Jinto Body Craft as the best gym in trivandrum.